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Tradition & Trend

Marisa is an award winning interior designer who’s keen eye for design is inspired by the culture of New Mexico where she began her career in 2014. Marisa’s designs comes to life when tradition and trend collide, creating balance to your space. Her work flourishes under the philosophy that every space can transform to nourish creativity, productivity and most importantly, peace of mind. Marisa believes that your space should harmonize with you, your dreams and your life.


Beauty + Function

Spatial Harmony Color Consulting + Design creates beautiful and functional designs that reflect the lifestyle and needs of every client. Every change to your home should be intentional. Add color to your walls to transform the mood of the room, redefine the layout and energy of your space with Spatial Harmony’s approach to design process. Marisa enters each project with a personalized and thoughtful approach to ensure you will love your new space.

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